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Khvatov Gennadiy Aleksandrovich, Deputy Director of Penza Artillery Engineering Institute (Penza-5, Russia),
Savitskiy Vladimir Yakovlevich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department № 11, Penza Artillery Engineering Institute (Penza-5, Russia),
Muyzemnek Aleksandr Yur'evich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of transport machines, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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621.001.63: 623.41


Background. The object of research is polymeric packing of a rod of a hydrobraking device of a new design. The subject of research is functioning thereof in a heat impulse machine. The article is aimed at formation of a general approach to estimating tightness of a hidrobraking device cavity of a heat machine at the design stage.
Materials and methods. Research of the process of polymeric packing of a rod of a new design was carried out by the finite element method.
Results. The authors developed a new design of polymeric packing of a rod of a hydrobraking device to operate in conditions of impulse loads and reversive friction, tested the polymeric material at uniaxial tension and shift, identified parameters of the model thereof, developed a computer model of a sealing device, carried out computer modeling of the process under investigation allowing to estimate tightness of the hydrobreaking device cavity at the design stage.
Conclusion. The research of polymeric packing of new design, proved by field experiments, allows to conclude about reliability of ensuring tightness of the hydrobreaking device cavity and to recommend the developed polymeric packing design to use in other designs of heat impulse machines. The authors recommend the used approach to tightness estimation to be considered as a universal one.

Key words

hydrobraking devices, tightness, polyurethane seals, finite element models, tension, deformation, damping effect

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